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Untitled #2

With simple reality, it could be proven
That yet, the earth did remain unmoven
From its appointed orbit, a slow travelling
Around a lonely sun that burnt a yellow blot in the sky.
But I, wanderer of oft-forgot ways,
A meanderer of meadows in omitted spring days,
Had found cause to rejoice, and was revelling
When, with a tumbling, I found myself in a void, no lie.
From the black murk, I was excreted,
My body tired and energy depleted.
With a start, a sudden reality was revelated
And I recognised I was in a world much the same, but defiled.
My head could not stop turning,
As my senses were assaulted, set to burning;
With delicacies of a complexion so processed was my appetite sated;
And my mind churned, forsooth did it view a reality that knowledge reviled.

A natural ambience was marred by an unnatural voice;
A screaming man, much the reaper, told me to rejoice;
Reading of verse was announced, yet instead vocabulary was mocked;
Art was advertised in falsity, for inwards could be found naught but refuse.
Down a shimmering street, hidden from the sky's orb of light,
Darkness gathered, plotted, and went to dishonourably fight.
'Round the corner, resting at a mooring, in the harbour docked,
Was the only harking to a past that was slaughtered in this settlement so populous.
Wishing Divine power would restore me, I fell to my knees, praying,
Then I struck the surface and it was blood I began paying.
A grey barrier, impenetrable to crawling worm or bladed greenery -
It was on this I had landed, a ground more abrasive than a castle exterior.
My legs ran red, depresséd wonderment surged frantically within my mortal coil
And as I lay there, water seeping from mine eye, I wished for toil,
The comfort that comes from an owned time not used meagerly.
So, with petitioning, I sought reprieve, a chance to again be one the merrier.

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